Swiftec Coolant Anti-Freeze Blue

Swiftec Coolant Anti-Freeze Blue

● Swiftec Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant is the ideal solution to help your engine last longer.
● Fortified with new technology improves and extends engine life.
● Swiftec prevents corrosion and helps keep your cooling system running more efficiently.
●Keep your entire cooling system, including your radiator and water pump, free from the damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze.
●Use Swiftec, the antifreeze specifically designed for the sophisticated engines in today’s cars and light duty trucks.

Available in :  4L | 20L | 208L (Barrel) 

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Benefits of Anti-Freeze Coolant :

  • Engine Protection:

    • Swiftec protects aluminium and all other engine metals
  • Prevents Overheating:

    • Swiftec prevents overheating, boil-overs and freeze-up
  • Superb Utility:

    • Swiftec Coolant Antifreeze is recommended and formulated for use in all vehciles as well as other cars and light duty trucks with aluminium radiators using extended life coolant.
  • Instructions:

    • Swiftec installation instructions:
      • Drain :- Draining removes loose rust and sediments from the radiator
      • Flush :- Flushing the system cleans  the engine block
      • Fill :-  Fill the Swiftec Coolant Antifreeze for best results

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Available in

4L, 20L, 208 (Barrel)


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