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SWIFTEC is a premium quality fully synthetic motor oil formulated with highest quality synthetic base oils enhanced with most advanced additive technology.

SWIFTEC is a superior quality motor oil produced from selected synthetic and highly refined base oils blended with modern high technology additives

SWIFTEC is a ultra high performance engine oil produced from selected highly refined base oils blended with advanced technology additives.

SWIFTEC is premium quality monograde oils blended with highly refined solvent extracted hydrofinished paraffinic oils and performance package additives to meet the API standard for lubrication.

SWIFTEC automotive gear oil is blended with specially selected high quality solvent refined and hydrofinished paraffinic base oil and high performance ashless sulphur and phosphorus additive package to meet and exceed GL-4 specifications.


SWIFTEC hydraulic transmission oils are blended with highly refined HVI paraffinic and synthetic base oils and performance additives for use in transmission systems of heavy duty machinery and other equipments working under conditions of wide tempearture range and extreme conditions.

SWIFTEC multi purpose grease is formulated from high quality base oils and lithium-12 hydroxystearate soap.

Swiftec Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant is the ideal solution to help your engine last longer. Fortified with new technology improves and extends engine life.

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